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Reading Your Meter

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Chatham County Utilities can read majority of water meters electronically, so there's typically no need for you to read your water meter. However, in case you're interested, the information below will help you read your water meter and calculate your monthly fees. (Please note that we discourage you from reading outside water meters since removing and replacing the cap covers can be a safety hazard.)

Determining Your Monthly Water Usage

Follow these simple steps to figure out your water usage each month: 

    1.  Note and record the "read" number on your water meter on the first of the month. 

    2.  Record the "read" number at the end of the month. 

    3.  Determine your monthly water consumption by taking the end-of-the-month
         number and subtracting the first-of-the-month number from it.
Chatham County Water bills customers in 1000 gallons and only charges for whole tGal units. So, when reading you will want to read to the thousand gallon place holder.

Click here for instructions for reading an analog dial meter.

Click here for instructions for reading a digital dial meter