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Event Recycling

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Are you having an event and you want to make sure there is recycling? We have a free solution for you!


We have recycling bins that can be checked out to use at events in Chatham County. Anyone can borrowBorrow-A-Bin the bins: school groups, community groups, private businesses, churches, etc.

The bins are pictured on the right and have a folding metal frame, plastic lid with labels, and clear plastic bags.

How is works?

Complete the Borrow-a-Bin Agreement and send it into our office. We will let you know if the date and number of containers you requested are available. We have a lot of bins available so we are usually able to accommodate multiple groups at one time. If not, we will work with you to figure out another solution.

You will come to the Main Facility to pick up and drop of the bins. Because the frame folds several can easily fit in the trunk or back seat of a small vehicle. When you return the bins we have free recycling here that is open to any person or business- no decal required. So simply bring the bins and recyclables back with you.

Our Main Facility is located at 28 County Services Road Pittsboro. We are open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Not sure how many recycling bins you need? You should always place a recycling bin next to a trash can. If you have independent recycling bins, a lot of trash will end up in there. If you are not sure how many bins you need we can help you figure it out.

Where do the recycles go?

Recyclables from events should not go to the Collection Centers. The centers are only for residential waste and recycling. Recycling collected in these bin can be brought to the Main Facility, where the bins need to be returned. 

Alternatively, if your event has a larger recycling dumpster you will be putting this material in that is fine. Just remember to empty the bags. 

What can be recycled?

The bins have labels with the most common items that can and cannot be accepted both in writing and with images. We can accept the following:

Plastic bottles- Bottles have a neck smaller than the base. Need to be empty.
Aluminum Cans
Drink cartons- Need to be empty.
Cardboard- If you have large cardboard boxes, it will be easiest to flatten those and put them under the bins. 

Glass bottles can be recycled but would need to be kept separately if the recyclables are coming back to the Main Facility. Let us know if you anticipate your event will have glass bottles

If you have any questions please email us at or call the Main Facility at 919-542-5516.