Collection Center Policies

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  • Chatham County Residents Only
    Only Chatham County residents with a current decal may use the Collection Centers. No out-of-county residents. 
  • Display Decal
    A current decal must be shown to the attendant on duty each time you enter a Collection Center.
  • Items Accepted and Not Accepted
  • No Business Waste
    Businesses are prohibited from using the Collection Centers. This includes builders, contractors, developers, or individuals working on income generating projects (e.g., home or building construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition). No materials generated by construction or repair of income producing properties (e.g., rental properties) can be accepted at the collection centers.
  • Maximum Load Size
    Residents may bring a maximum of one pickup truck sized load in a seven day period to the Collection Centers. A pickup truck sized load is 120 cubic feet (8ft. long x 5 ft. wide x 3 ft. high). Residents with large loads will be asked to sign a form.
  • Other Maximum Amounts
    Maximum 5 gallons of motor oil in a 7-day period.
    Maximum 4 tires in a 6-month period.
    Residents with these items will be asked to sign a form. Additional amounts of tires or motor oil can be brought to the Main Facility.
  • Discard Items in their Designated Containers
    Much of what is thrown away and buried in a landfill still has value, and can be returned to the economy. By simply taking a few minutes to separate your items and place them in their designated containers, you have the biggest impact on the wise use of your annual fees. You help decrease the amount spent on landfill disposal tipping fees; you help the county comply with applicable state laws; you help generate revenue to cover some operational costs; and you help to keep your annual fees low.
  • Equipment Safety
    Only trained employees may operate site equipment. For everyone’s safety, residents are not permitted to press any buttons, open or close gates or doors, or climb on or in any equipment at the centers.
  • Children and Pet Safety
    Due to the potential for serious injury, children are not permitted near the trash compactors or pre-crushers. We encourage parents to allow their children to participate in the disposal of safer items like plastic bottles or aluminum cans in their designated containers. Pets must be on a leash or remain in your vehicle. 
  • No Smoking
    Leave tobacco products in your vehicle. Lit cigarettes (or any type of flame) present a serious fire hazard where trash and other potentially combustible materials are being disposed. Smoking is not permitted by any resident or employee near the compactors, pre-crushers, containers, in the swap shops, oil sheds, or offices.
  • No Scavenging
    Scavenging is strictly prohibited for many reasons including personal safety, privacy, certain state laws, and for the protection of revenues needed to fund operations. Only employees are authorized to remove items from containers, when it is safe to do so, to ensure items are disposed in their proper containers. Residents are encouraged to take or leave any reusable items in the Swap Shop. Once an item is placed at the center for recycling or disposal, it becomes the property of Chatham County.
  • Slow Down
    We do our best to maintain clean and safe sites, and we also ask everyone to contribute by respecting the posted 5 mile per hour speed limit as you enter, drive through, and exit the collection centers. Watch for children, pets, fellow residents, staff, other vehicles, containers, or any other potential obstacles. 
  • Contact Us
    We cannot address issues or give credit where credit is due if we don’t hear from you. Please call our office at (919) 542-5516, or call the Illegal Dumping Hotline at (919) 545-7873, or email us at with any comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, reports of illegal or questionable activity related to disposal, trash, recycling, center operations, employees, or customer service experiences. We always welcome your feedback.