Child Protective Services

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Protective Services for Children is a legally mandated service which is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.  This service is provided to children and their parents/caretakers in response to instances of actual or suspected child neglect, abuse, or exploitation.  Protective Services are intended to ensure that children have a safe, permanent, and nurturing family.  Social workers assess risk of harm to children and provide services to remedy the causes of the maltreatment of children.  This includes assessing or investigating reports of neglect, abuse, dependency or exploitation and evaluating the degree of damage or risk to the children. 

Social workers cooperate with law enforcement agencies and initiate court action if necessary for the protection of the children.  They work with the children's family toward the solution and prevention of problems causing neglect, abuse, dependency, or exploitation. The social worker helps arrange for the provision of services such as day care, health care services, mental health services, in home aid services, and if necessary foster care. The Protective Services Unit is made up of intake workers, family assessors, and investigators.

What is Multiple Response System?

The Multiple Response System (MRS) is an effort to reform the entire continuum of child welfare services in North Carolina, from intake through placement services. The reform is based upon the application of family centered principles of partnership through seven strategic components of MRS.

North Carolina's seven strategies for system reform are:

  • Collaboration between the Work First Family Assistance and child welfare programs
  • A choice of two approaches to reports of child abuse, neglect, or dependency (Family assessment or Investigative)
  • A redesign of in-home services
  • A strengths-based, structured intake process
  • Coordination between law enforcement agencies and child protective services for the investigative assessment approach
  • Implementation of Child and Family Team meetings during the provision of in-home services
  • Implementation of Shared-Parenting meetings in child placement cases

For more information about the Multiple Response System visit the website for the Department of Health and Human Services.


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