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Child Protection In Home Services

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Child Protection (CPS) In Home Services are legally required services for families who have been found to have abused or neglected their children, or through family assessment found to be in need of services.  CPS In Home Services have the following goals:

  • To maintain the safety of children
  • To strengthen the family's ability to protect and nurture their children
  • To keep children in their own families

Families are viewed as a part of a larger social and environmental system. As a result, interventions focus on assessing the family's immediate and extended community and support system, through needs assessments, resource identification and service that are available. An approach that focuses on the family is used and allows the families to have a say in developing their service goals.  This helps the families identify and solve their own problems. The CPS Social Worker partners with community agencies  to help families achieve the goal of providing a safe, permanent, and nurturing home for their children.

CPS families are regularly assessed for their potential risk for causing harm to their children. The level of risk that is assessed, determines the frequency of social worker contact. The ongoing assessment of the families' strengths and needs, determines the nature of the service interventions provided.