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Court-Related County Services

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In 2018, Chatham County took steps to consolidate several programs providing court-related services into one department to ensure better overall coordination. The programs cover such diverse areas as support for domestic violence victims, pretrial release, a safe place for family visitation, and special help for certain minor offenders.

“Many residents will never need our services, but we want folks to know they are available if the need arises,” said Renita Foxx, who leads the new Chatham County Court Programs Department. “Some programs serve those already involved with the court system, while others provide support for victims and family in crisis.”

Foxx added, “We are a small staff, but each of us is very dedicated and passionate about the work we do to help individuals and families in need. Many of our staff members wear several different hats. We work hard to ensure confidentiality for those seeking help with recovery, treatment, protection, assistance, referrals, or care.”

The court-related programs offered through Chatham 360 help individuals have better outcomes, such as getting them much-needed help for substance abuse and helping them avoid criminal charges if they complete requirements. However, Foxx noted that each program has other benefits for the community and taxpayers.

Foxx said, “For example, helping first-time minor offenders keep their records clean reduces the court system’s workload, which allows court personnel to focus more attention on serious crimes and reduces overall costs. The Pretrial Release Program reduces the number of people in the jail, a major county expense that can include the county paying for an inmate’s medical expenses. The person can continue to go to work as well, which allows them to support their household.”

CONTACT INFORMATION:  If residents are interested in more information on these programs, they can contact Chatham 360 at 919-642-1213


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 button for family violence services

Services for residents who 
are victims of domestic violence.


button for chatham 360 programs

Services for residents involved with the
court system who may be eligible for
pre-trial release and court diversion


 button for visitation services

Allows supervised visits and monitored
exchanges of children by and between
parents in situations involving domestic violence.

 button for child victim services

Services and support for child victims of
abuse and classroom prevention programs.