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Peer Education Program of Siler City (PEPSC)

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The Peer Education Program of Siler City (PEPSC) at Jordan Matthews High School is a student health advocacy organization. In partnership with the Chatham County Public Health Department, students aretrained to work with their peers as well as advocate for health in their school and communities.PEPSC 1 Thisprogram provides adolescents with accurate, factual information and works on a variety of issues including: student stress management; mental health conditions; substance use, including tobacco and alcohol use; and sexual and reproductive health, including teen pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infection (STIs), and abstinence. It is also our goal to increase students’ self-confidence and encourage family communication while offering a rewarding learning experience.

Research indicates that adolescents receive most of their information from their peers. Much of the information shared is inaccurate and can contribute to unhealthy behaviors, inadequate health care and decreased academic success, emotional health, and physical health. Research has also shown that peer education programs can increase communication between families and their children. Adolescents who confide in or talk freely with their parents about important health topics tend to practice healthy behaviors, such as delaying sexual intercourse or abstaining from tobacco use.

PEPSC 2The Peer Education Program of Siler City is held after school on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm and occasional weekend or evening trainings. Meetings will include training, discussion, and engagement activities to build skills and knowledge about important health topics. Peer education activities may also include being available as information and referral sources to fellow students on an informal basis, as well as formally presenting at events in the school and the community.

Students will be supervised by Adolescent Health Promotion Coordinator, Ms. Anna Stormzand, from the Chatham County Public Health Department.

If interested, please review the Peer Educator Pledge and contact Anna Stormzand, at  

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