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Clean Hands, Healthy You Challenge

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Welcome to Chatham County Schools’ 2016 “Clean Hands, Healthy You” Challenge!

Proper hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in avoiding getting sick and spreading germs to others. Hand washing is especially important in schools to keep students and staff healthy. Respiratory infections, influenza, and stomach viruses/diarrheal disease are three of the top reasons why students miss school. The occurrence of all three of these illnesses can be reduced through proper hand washing with soap and clean, running water.

Furthermore, school-based hand washing programs are associated with fewer student absences. In addition, children who have been taught hand washing at school bring that knowledge home to parents and siblings and this can help family members get sick less often and miss less work and school.

The goal of the “Clean Hands, Healthy You” Challenge is to:
• Encourage youth to wash their hands with soap and water at school and home.
• Raise awareness among schools about the benefits of clean hands to protect against illnesses.


Student clubs are challenged to come up with a creative and informative way of informing fellow students about the importance of washing their hands with soap and water to prevent getting sick using the slogan, “Clean Hands, Healthy You” with the hashtag #ccscleanhands.

Three winning submissions will be selected based on 1) communication of the message “Clean Hands, Healthy You” and 2) creativity. Winners will receive a check to support their club's activities!!


• The activity should take place from November 14th –December 16th, 2016.
• Activities should demonstrate proper hand washing skills and highlight the benefits of hand washing for their peers.
• Where appropriate, activities should feature the hashtag #ccscleanhands.

There is no wrong way to meet this challenge. To help you along your way, information and ideas are included on the Resources section of this page.


• Submissions should be sent to Anna Stormzand ( by December 16th, 2016.
• Submissions can be entered by 1) pictures, 2) videos, and/or 3) a written description of activities.
• Remember, creativity counts!


The following resources are included on this page to help you plan your “Clean Hands, Healthy You” activities:
1. Information
2. Lesson Plans by Grade Levels
3. Presentation and Activity Ideas
4. Materials Available


Hand Hygiene Information Sheet: Great two-sided information sheet developed by the Chatham County Public Health Department on the benefits of hand washing, cautions about the use of hand sanitizers, and proper handwashing steps for parents, guardians, teachers, school staff, and upper grade level students.

Wash your Hands! Poster: This poster from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension lists the 6 handwashing steps in both English and Spanish. This poster is great to print off and display in student and staff bathrooms.

Infant Hand Washing Poster (English version) (Spanish version)

Pre-School Hand Washing Poster (English version) (Spanish version)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Handwashing Information

CDC Fact Sheet: Handwashing A Family Activity (English version) (Spanish version)

CDC When and How to Wash Your Hands (website) and handout

Minnesota Department of Health Washing Hands with Soap and Water Resources

Lesson Plans by Grade Levels

Created by the Chatham County Public Health Department, these lessons help meet the North Carolina Healthful Living Objectives that relate to germ theory and hand hygiene. Each lesson plan lists the objectives that the lesson helps fulfil.

The lessons below contain one short, 15-minute lesson per grade level tier (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8). These lessons are designed to establish hand washing as an expected behavior in the classroom, explain to students the importance of hand washing for health, and to have students practice proper hand washing techniques.

Grades K-2 Hand Hygiene Lesson Plan
Grades 3-5 Hand Hygiene Lesson Plan
Grades 6-8 Hand Hygiene Lesson Plan

Presentation and Activity Ideas

Below are few ideas to get you thinking. You can use ideas listed below or come up with your own activities. We encourage engaging your student groups and organizations in planning your challenge activities. Organizations that may be interested include: Photography, video or art clubs; theater clubs; sports teams; Health Occupations Student Association (HOSA); Applied Health Science students; Health and Physical Education (PE) classes; Student Government, etc.

Chatham County Public Health Department Presentation:
Importance of Hand Washing

Minnesota Department of Health Age Appropriate Handwashing Curriculum:
Handwashing: Prevent Disease and Outbreak Intervention for Young Children (Ages 3-6)
Safe or Sorry Handwashing for Middle School Students
Handwashing: Prevent Disease and Outbreak Intervention for High School and Adult Audiences

Hand Washing Songs for Kids

CDC Wash Your Hands You Tube Video: 30 second video demonstrating proper hand washing steps to stay healthy.

CDC Handwashing You Tube Video: 9 minute hand washing presentation discussing hygiene education for children in schools, including what germs are, when to wash hands, how to wash hands, and how to avoid getting sick.

Global Handwashing Day Resources

Here are some other ideas:

Parent and Guardian Involvement: Have students develop posters and pass out information to parents in the carpool line.
Student Pledges: During lunch, homeroom, health classes, etc. have students sign pledges to fight germs by washing their hands regularly. Post the pledges in a prominent location in the school. You could also have students post selfies of themselves with their pledges.
Parent and Guardian Pledges: Ask students to challenge their parents and guardians to also wash their hands regularly and have them sign their own pledges to be posted around the house, specifically in the bathroom or near the kitchen sink.
Photo Gallery: Have students take pictures of themselves demonstrating proper handwashing techniques to prevent illnesses. Post the pictures around the school, in school bathrooms, or in the lunch room.
Morning Announcements: Quick and easy, use the Resources section to develop morning announcements. To increase student involvement, ask students to help develop or read the announcements.
Watch and Learn: Use the videos provided in this section and have students discuss the benefits of hand washing in school and at home. Ideas for showing the videos include in homeroom, or on the morning announcements.

Materials Available

The following materials are available through the Chatham County Public Health Department for use during your “Clean Hands, Healthy You” Challenge activities. There are a limited number available and items will be provided on a first come first serve basis. To receive items, please contact Anna Stormzand at or 919-545-8445. Please request items at least one week before they are needed if possible.

Clean Hands Stickers: We have stickers (7 in.x5 in.) in both English and Spanish that illustrate the appropriate steps to wash away germs with soap and water. These can be placed in bathrooms, near kitchen or utility sinks, etc.


Anna Stormzand, MPH, CHES
Health Promotion Coordinator
Chatham County Public Health Department
(919) 545-8445

This challenge is sponsored by the Student Health Advisory Council of Chatham County Schools with support from the Chatham County Public Health Department.