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High School (9-12) Classroom Resources

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These are just a few resources that we have identified, if you know of a great resource that is not included please email the link to

High- Integrated Lesson Plans: These lessons have been aligned with North Carolina’s Essential Standards. Resources created by the Chatham County Public Health Department are designated with an “*”. All other resources have been compiled from reputable outside sources.

  • Successfully Teaching Middle and High School Health: The North Carolina School Health Training Center has developed a training manual aligned with the Healthful Living Standards for Middle and High school. The Chatham County Public Health Department has a copy of the manual. To borrow the manual contact
  • Reducing the Risk: The Reducing the Risk curriculum is a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum. This curriculum takes an active approach to build students’ skills to prevent pregnancy, STDs, and HIV. Evidence-based curriculums have been proven to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Reducing the Risk has been proven effective in three national evaluations and has been named an Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Intervention by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the spring of 2014, an evaluation of this curriculum was conducted at Northwood High School with 9th grade Healthful Living students. Results of the evaluation showed that students enjoyed the curriculum and gained valuable knowledge and skills. Click here to read the results in the Executive Summary.
  • Rights, Responsibilities, and Respect: Developed by Advocates for Youth, the “Rights, Respect, Responsibility” curriculum provides lesson plans and materials for grades K-12 that meet the National Sexuality Education Standards and cover all 16 topics recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as essential components of sexual health education. Lessons are 50 minutes in Grades 6-12. There are family homework activities for most lessons in Grades K-9 to facilitate a way for students and their parents/care-givers to have important conversations together. Lessons can be used sequentially, or in parts, according to the needs of the educator. The search function on the website allows you to search lessons by grade level and topics. All materials are free and all materials can be downloaded from the Advocates for Youth website.
  • **Supplementary High School Sexual and Reproductive Health Lesson Plans: The Chatham County Public Health Department has created two lesson plans for high school teachers to use to supplement their classes. These lesson plans can be used to fulfill the 9th grade Healthful Living standards, as well as provide reinforcing material for upper level allied health and science classes. These two lesson plans cover the following topics: sexually transmitted disease (STD) transmission, prevention, and treatment; proper condom use and demonstration; sexual behavior spectrum and risk reduction strategies; modern contraception methods (birth control); and local sexual and reproductive health resources for students. Please contact Anna Stormzand at or (919) 545-8445 for the complete curriculum. If you are interested in utilizing these lesson plans with your students and would like support with implementation or evaluation, please contact Anna Stormzand.

    High- Additional Sites with Lesson Plans: The lessons and resources available on these sites cover the topics included in the Essential Standards, though they have not specifically been aligned with the North Carolina Essential Standards.

    • Provides both lesson plans and web-based interactive lessons. Includes content for grades K-6 and grades 7-12. Access to materials requires free sign-up.
    • SuperTracker Nutrition Lesson Plans for High School Students: Series of lesson plans designed to help high school students learn how to build a healthy diet using SuperTracker. Each lesson plan includes learning objectives, detailed instructions, and accompanying resources and handouts.