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Healthy Habits Campaign

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Chatham County Schools and the Chatham County Public Health Department have collaborated to create a program called the Healthy Habits Campaign. This program provides quick and easy health lessons to K-5 teachers to use in their classrooms, and helps each K-5 and K-8 school in the county highlight and promote healthy living. Each month has been assigned a different healthy habit as its focus, and the schedule and related materials are included below. If you have questions about this program, or if you’d like to let us know about other good links and lessons to share, please contact Anna Stormzand, Health Promotion Coordinator, at or (919) 545-8445.

Below each month, click on “K-2 lesson plans” or “3-5 lesson plans” for that month’s packets of lessons, or “links” for other resources related to that month’s healthy habit.

September: Respect your body by eating a variety of healthy foods every day!
K-2 Lesson Plans - 3-5 Lesson Plans - September Principals' Packet  September Calendar - Choose My Plate Worksheet - Word Find  - My Plate Graphics - Fruit and Veggie Goals  - Smart Snacks

October: Take responsibility for a drug free life!  K-2 Lesson Plans - 3-5 Lesson Plans  - October Principals' Packet - October Calendar

November: Be kind to your body – eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day! K-2 Lesson Plans - 3-5 Lesson Plans - November Principals' Packet - November Calendar

December: Be kind to your friends – wash your hands!   K-2 Lesson Plans
3-5 Lesson Plans - December Principals' Packet - December 3-5 Handwashing Crossword Puzzle -  December Calendar

January: Healthy relationships are honest relationships.  K-2 Lesson Plans - 3-5 Lesson Plans - January Prinicpals' Packet - January Calendar

February: Control decay! Brush your teeth every day! K-2 Lesson Plans -3-5 Lesson Plans - February Principals' Packet  - February Calendar  -  Oral Care Calendar - How to Brush - How to Floss

March: Understanding how to balance food and play every day! K-2 Lesson Plans  - 3-5 Lesson Plans - March Principals' Packet - March Calendar

April: Use perseverance to achieve your physical activity goals!  K-2 Lesson Plans - 3-5 Lesson Plans - April Prinicipals' Packet  - April Calendar

May/June: Have integrity! Be the healthiest you can be! K-2 Lesson Plans  - 3-5 Lesson Plans  - May Principals' Packet  - May Calendar - June Calendar

Healthy Habits resources and links.