Becoming a CHAMPS School

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A CHAMPS school will meet eight criteria:

  1. Have a school wellness team, or other group, in place that is committed to the health and well-being of the school population. This group should consist of school personnel and parents, and meet on a monthly basis.
  2. Have a wellness focused objective in their continuous improvement plan.
  3. Provide fresh fruits & vegetables at least 3 times per week at lunch.
  4.  Provide free, plain, unrestricted water daily at mealtime.
  5. Have 100% of classrooms K-8 that comply with the “Healthy Active Children” statute for 30 minutes of physical activity per day.
  6. Comply with the district regulations around school/classroom celebrations.
  7. Comply with the district regulations around healthy fundraisers.
  8. Comply with the district regulations around healthy concessions.

Schools will be evaluated yearly on the above criteria. Schools who attain all requirements will receive:

  • Media recognition for their efforts
  • A banner to hang in their school
  • A wellness library
  • And most importantly, healthy students that are ready to learn!

How to get started on CHAMPS:

  1. Share information on CHAMPS with your school.
  2. Decide if your school would like to work toward CHAMPS status this year.
  3. Contact Anna Stormzand ( or 919-545-8445) to find out when the next CHAMPS enrollment will take place.

All schools notifying the CHAMPS subcommittee that they plan to work toward CHAMPS status will receive a copy of “Chatham Health Achievers Moving People toward Success: A guide for schools working towards CHAMPS status.” This guide provides supports for each of the eight CHAMPS criteria. This guide is also available for download from the Resources for CHAMPS School page.

The CHAMPS subcommittee of the School Health Advisory Council will also be available to provide support to all schools working on recognition as a CHAMPS school.