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Community Health Assessment

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What is the Community Health Assessment? 
The purpose of the community health assessment is to identify what factors affect the health of a population and what resources are available within the community to address these factors. The Chatham County Public Health Department partners with Chatham Hospital as well as community members, agencies, non-profits, health agencies, local government, and the school system to answer key questions such as:

  • “What are the strengths in our community?”
  • “What health concerns do community members have?” 
  • “What resources are available and what do we need in the community to address these concerns?”

The Community Health Assessment is required of health departments by the North Carolina Division of Public Health. The health assessment is also required for local health department accreditation through the NC Local Health Department Accreditation Board.

How is the Community Health Assessment done?
The Community Health Assessment is done by working with community members to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on community assets, strengths, resources, and needs. 

During this process, the Chatham County Public Health Department seeks to gain an understanding of this health information by speaking with county residents. This is done through surveys and focus groups, and residents let us know what they consider to be the top health priorities in their communities. The health department also gathers data from outside sources, including information on housing, income, health, crime, and other issues, to get an overall picture of the county.

All results of the 2014 Community Health Assessment report are available online, in local libraries, and at health department locations, as well as Chatham Hospital and other locations throughout the county. 

Community Health Assessment Steering Team
The Community Health Assessment Steering Team is made up of community members, as well as staff from local agencies, non-profit organizations, health-focused organizations and clinics, local government, and the school system.

2014 Community Health Assessment

Click here to view the full 2014 Community Health Assessment report (at the bottom of the page).

2018 Community Assessment

The 2018 Community Assessment  covers a broader range of issues and is almost completed. You can find results of the initial phase on the Chatham Health Alliance website.