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Youth Tobacco Prevention

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Despite major progress made in last fifty years, tobacco use among youth remains a major concern. While youth cigarette use is in historic decline, there has been a recent uptake in emerging tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), flavored tobacco, and dissolvable smokeless tobacco. Vapor products like e-cigs still contain toxic chemicals and highly addictive nicotine. Studies have shown that teens are now using more e-cigarettes than traditional combustible cigarettes. The long term consequences of these products on youth are unknown. However, we do know that youth that start using tobacco products containing nicotine are more likely to become addicted and transfer to other forms of tobacco such as cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. The tobacco industry has a long history of marketing their products to youth and recent products are no exception. 

Please click on these links below for additional information on:

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Additional Resources

Surgeon General’s Report Youth, Young Adults, and E-Cigarettes: The Surgeon General released a report on e-cigarette use among youth and young adults. The website, “Know the Risks: E-Cigarettes and Young People,” is a  great interactive website with fact sheets, videos, quizzes, and the risks of e-cigarettes, including addiction, brain development, and harmful aerosols and chemicals:

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Please contact Anna Stormzand, Health Promotion Coordinator with the Chatham County Public Health Department, for any questions or assistance with youth tobacco programming or cessation at or (919) 545-8445.