For the latest information on coronavirus, or COVID-19, including service and program impacts in Chatham County, please visit the coronavirus webpage.

Coronavirus General FAQ

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The following are frequently asked questions about general guidance for coronavirus. If you are looking for specific information as an employer, see the FAQ for Employers page.

If you have questions about the coronavirus that are not answered below, call us at 919-542-8220 or the state's info line 211.

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  • What is the Safer at Home Order?

  • Are Chatham County services being affected by coronavirus?

  • How can I find out more information about resources available for Chatham County residents?

  • How can I stay up to date on information about coronavirus in general and in Chatham County?

  • I’m worried about getting coronavirus. What can I do to keep myself and my family safe?

  • Should I wear a face covering or mask when I go out in public?

  • How do I safely get groceries?

  • Who is most at risk for contracting coronavirus in Chatham County?

  • How does the statewide safer at home order affect churches?

  • I heard there was a case or multiple cases of COVID-19 in a business, facility, or neighborhood. Where can I go to learn more?

  • Who is at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus and what should they do to protect themselves?

  • What does it mean for a person to be isolated or quarantined? How is that different from stay at home?

  • I think I may have coronavirus. What should I do?

  • Will Chatham County alert the public if someone within the Chatham County community tests positive for coronavirus?

  • Could I have caught coronavirus from someone in the area who tested positive?

  • What is Chatham County doing to determine who came in contact with someone who tested positive?

  • My family and I are in need of assistance with meals. Where can we go for free or reduced cost meals in Chatham County?

  • I am following the stay at home order and practicing social distancing, but I find myself getting sad spending so much time by myself. Is there anyone I can talk to?

  • I have a trip planned. Should I cancel?

  • What treatments are available for those with the new coronavirus?

  • Can a staff member of a long-term care facility work in that facility if they test positive but don't have symptoms?

  • Can I get tested for the new coronavirus?

  • How many people have tested positive for the new coronavirus in Chatham?

  • My question wasn't answered here. Where else can I go to find trustworthy information?