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Swimming Pool Inspections

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911 Address - Must be posted. Numbers must be at the drive entrance (unless house is less than 100 feet from road). If the house is more than 100 feet from a named road, then a 911 address is required at the house and at the drive entrance. Numbers shall be 4 inches in height.

Underground Electric All residential conduit lines must be placed at a depth of 18 inches below grade.

Pool Bonding All metal parts of a pool must be bonded together and bonded back to pool pump (# 8 copper min.) ladders, diving boards, metal walls, metal trim and reinforcement rebar.

Equipotential Plane An area from three feet to the edge of the must have grid work in place. This grid must be installed around all pools with concrete, pavers or tile walk areas. This may consist of rebar, welded wire or # 8 copper wire in 12 in. by 12 in. grid pattern.

  • NOTE: If any of these are used, they must be sized equivalent to minimum # 8 copper wire.

Electric  Pump equipment, lighting and outlets must be per National Electric Code and complete.

Water Water lines must be at least 12 inches below grade.

Please Call - For information about an inspection, our Code Enforcement officials are usually in the office during early morning hours or late afternoon. They may answer questions you have about inspections or codes.
Telephone number 919-542-8230.

* Rev. 10/10/06