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County Water Inspections

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911 Address - Must be posted. Numbers must be at the drive entrance (unless house is less than 100 feet from road). If the house is more than 100 feet from a named road, then a 911 address is required at the house and at the drive entrance. Numbers shall be 4 inches in height.

Water Water lines must be at least 12 inches below grade and inspected. There must be a water shutoff valve installed within 5 feet of the building or in the crawlspace within 3 feet of access door or within the building in a location where it may be accessed without the use of a ladder or a tool.  Also, a pressure reducing valve/regulator (set @ 80 psi or less) and a thermal expansion device on the water supply line, as close as possible to the to hot water tank.

  • NOTE: Lines through foundation walls must be sleeved.

Water for New Construction - Inspections of waterlines should be performed with other inspections, such as lines for sewer, well, electric, or other construction inspections.

Please Call - For information about an inspection our Code Enforcement officials are usually in the office during early morning hours or late afternoon. They may answer any questions you have.
Telephone number 919-542-8230.

* Rev. 10/10/06