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Chatham 360: Pretrial Release & Court Diversion Programs

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Chatham 360

Chatham 360 is a county office that manages several court programs for youth and adult offenders. 

Contact Information: 919-642-1213, Email:

Office Location: Chatham County Justice Center, 40 E. Chatham Street, Suite 1300, Pittsboro,NC 27312

Misdemeanor Diversion Program 

The Misdemeanor Diversion Program (MDP) is designed and supported by Chatham County law enforcement to give qualified youth ages 16 and 17 years old the opportunity to avoid prosecution in the court system. Young people enrolled in MDP have not been charged formally, which means they can keep their record clean as long as they complete required programs within 90 days of referral.

Under MDP, local law enforcement officers refer youth to Chatham 360 to complete 10-15 hours of programs related to their charges, such as drug education, self-esteem, healthy decision making, impulse control, anger management, and effective problem solving. The youth in the MDP can meet with local judicial officials in an informational session to ask questions and get information on the law.

First-Time Offenders Program

The First-Time Offenders Program, also offered through Chatham 360, provides first-time drug offenders an opportunity to keep criminal records clean. Defendants must complete treatment based on their charges. Treatment can range from six months for misdemeanor charges to 10-12 months for felony charges. If successfully completed, defendants will have their case dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office and are eligible for an expungement of the charges. If no expungement, the dismissed charge remains visible on the person’s record.

Chatham 360’s treatment programs provide offenders with education, treatment and life skills, enabling them to abstain from substance abuse and avoid the bad effects of a criminal record.

Pretrial Services

Chatham County Pretrial Services assists the courts in making release-and-detention decisions that preserve public safety as well as a defendant’s statutory and constitutional rights. Key steps include screening defendants, completing a risk assessment to determine the defendant’s risk, and contacting resources the defendant needs. Pretrial supervision services are only available to eligible referred defendants.

Pretrial defendants in custody must who agree to meet program criteria and terms of supervision may be released to Pretrial Services by judicial order. Supervision requirements, which vary by risk level, may include daily call-ins, office visits, substance abuse screening, and referral to appropriate community resources.