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Court System & Related Programs

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Local Courts and Court Employees

Chatham County provides court buildings and maintains the facilities, but the State of North Carolina operates the court system and all staff, including judges, district attorney, magistrate and clerk of court, are all state employees. 

JUSTICE CENTER:  Almost all Chatham County court offices are located in the Justice Center, 40 E. Chatham Street in Pittsboro. This includes Superior Court, Clerk to Superior Court, District Court, District Attorney, Probation Services, Project 360º, Public Defender and Juvenile Justice.

MAGISTRATE'S:  However, the Magistrate's Office is located in the Chatham County Law Enforcement Center at 295 West Street in Pittsboro, less than a half-mile west of the courthouse circle.

For updated contact information and other information about court officials and programs in Chatham County, click here.

County Court-Related Programs

Chatham County does operate two programs which are closely related to the court system:  Chatham 360º First Offender Program and Family Visitation Services. Click here for more information on these programs.