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Broadband Access in Chatham County

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Broadband Challenges in Rural Areas Internet_connection2

Chatham County government shares the concerns of many residents who have limited or no access to broadband service.  This situation is not acceptable and we continue to work on this issue.  The bottomline is that there are few real incentives for cable and telephone companies to expand coverage in rural areas.  The State of North Carolina also has substantially restricted what counties can do in partnering with broadband providers.  

We have not given up!   We remain committed to doing what we can to expand broadband coverage in Chatham. 

In the meantime, we share the following information that you may find helpful:  

Who to call to obtain broadband service? and are website resources that allow you to input your zip code or address to get a comprehensive list of providers, contacts and even basic details of plan offerings. This could be a good first step.

How can I better understand broadband challenges and why services are so limited in many communities?  

This video would be helpful for anyone who is frustrated and wants to better understand how we got here.

Are any state offices working on this issue? 

The North Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Office is a helpful resource for residents and local government on the issue of broadband availability, even though they too have limited resources. The agency's website has substantial resources for residents and businesses. CLICK HERE

A specific resource on its website is a Playbook to help people understand the process of what it will take to expand broadband access in your community.  It includes a series of steps and tools.  CLICK HERE