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Tax Listing Notice

All persons owning real, personal and business property on January 1, 2020, have the duty to list property that is subject to Chatham County property taxation. Certain personal property must be listed every year. Real estate listing is not required unless buildings or other improvements having a value in excess of $100 have been acquired, begun, erected, damaged, or destroyed in the year prior to January 1, 2020.

Listing Period Begins - January 2, 2020
Listing Period Ends - January 31, 2020

For Business Listings only, requests for an extension must be received in writing by January 31, 2020.
Extensions will only be granted until March 15, 2020.

Listing Assistance is available at:

Chatham County Tax Department
12 East Street, Pittsboro NC 27312

Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Except Holidays


You are required to list un-licensed vehicles, trailers with multi-year registrations, mobile homes not designated as real property, all types of water craft, aircraft, and items used in a business. Business Property also includes items used for farming, a trade or profession, or furnishings or appliances you provide to a tenant. 

Except for trailers with multi-year registration, exempted from listing are licensed vehicles, mobile homes (considered real estate,) and household items used for your own residence.

Forms may be picked up at the office or obtain from our website

You may list in person. Bring all detailed information necessary to identify your property and its value. If forms were mailed to you, please bring them with you.

Listing by mail is permitted. Listings must bear a U.S. Postal Service postmark on or before January 31, 2020. Penalties apply to late listings.

If you have not received your listing forms by January 20, you should make satisfactory arrangements with this office so that you may make a timely listing.

Persons who fail to comply are subject to listing penalties and other penalties which are prescribed by N.C. General Statutes.

PROPERTY TAX RELIEF: Persons at least 65 years of age or persons that are permanently and totally disabled whose income does not exceed the maximum, may apply for a tax reduction or tax deferment on their permanent residence. The maximum income to qualify for the 2020 tax reduction is $31,000, the maximum income to qualify for 2020 tax deferment is $45,300. If you meet the qualifications your taxes could be significantly lowered.

PROPERTY TAX RELIEF FOR DISABLED VETERANS: This program excludes the first forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) of the appraised value of a permanent residence owned and occupied by a North Carolina Resident, who is an Honorably Discharged 100% Disabled Veteran, or the unmarried surviving spouse of an Honorable Discharged 100% Disabled Veteran. 

For more information regarding any property tax relief program, please contact:
Jennifer Williams - Tax Listing Manager at 919-545-8354.

Our Staff

Jennifer Williams
Tax Listing Manager

Karen Atwater
Business Personal Property Appraiser

Brittany Oldham
Tax Specialist

Amy Poe
Assessing Technician
919 545-8405

Chatham County Tax Listing and Assessing
P.O. Box 908
Pittsboro NC 27312
12 East Street, Courthouse Annex, First Floor
Pittsboro NC 27312

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