Tax Year Collection Calendar

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North Carolina General Statute §105-360 mandates the following dates for paying taxes on all real and personal property except registered motor vehicles (click here for registered motor vehicle information)

  • Taxes are due and payable September 1 each year.
  • Taxes are payable at par or face amount if paid before January 6 following the due date.
  • Payments that come into our office after January 5th must have a United States Postal Service postmark. We cannot accept a cancellation by a postal meter.
  • Interest accrues on taxes paid on or after January 6 as follows:
  • February: Final notices are mailed.
  • March:  Delinquent taxpayers are advertised in the Chatham News and the Chatham Record
  • June 30: end of fiscal year. Collection rate determined for that fiscal year and a new collection year begins.


















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