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2021 Revaluation

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Updates on Chatham County Property Appraisers Visiting Properties

PITTSBORO, NC  –  The Chatham County Tax Office reports that over the next 18 months property appraisers will visit properties across the county and may be knocking on doors. “We have updated information about the appraisers visiting Chatham communities,” said Tax Administrator Jenny Williams.

Williams said the identification of appraisers visiting properties includes the following:

  • All will have a county ID badge, including contractors hired to help with the appraisal. 
  • County appraisers will drive a county vehicle with the county seal on it, while contractors will drive personal vehicles with a county seal decal added to it.

Below is an updated list of Reval contractors & the vehicles.

Altila Gyori               Silver Chevy Cruiz
Sean Wilkerson        White Toyota Prius

The property appraiser visits are part of preparing for the 2021 revaluation, which does not take effect until Jan. 1, 2021.  The appraisers will take measurements, photograph improvements and may knock on doors.

If residents are unsure that a person visiting their community is a county-affiliated appraiser, they can verify the appraiser’s identity by calling either the Tax Appraisal office at 919-542-8211 or 919-545-8476.









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