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2017 Revaluation Questions & Answers

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  • Do you make presentations to groups about revaluation?

  • How do I obtain an form to appeal to the Board of Equalization and Review

  • How were values developed if there were no sales in my neighborhood?

  • How will I know what my new assessed value is?

  • How will the new valuation affect my county tax bill?

  • What are the key phases of the revalution process?

  • What if I disagree with my new tax valuation?

  • What is revaluation?

  • What is the timeline for the 2017 revaluation?

  • What is true market value?

  • What types of property are included in a revaluation?

  • When do the new values take effect?

  • Where can I view my tax value and bill to verify it?

  • Who decides what the assessed market value of property is?

  • Why does my property value change?

  • Why is my property value different from my neighbor’s? Or why is the percentage change different?

  • Why is revaluation necessary and how often is it done?