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No-till Drill

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Drill Rental

Chatham SWCD has a no-till drill available for rental.  If you are interested in renting it, please give us a call at (919) 545-8353. When planning to rent the no-till drill, call in advance to schedule an appointment!

drill in use No-till Drill

Rental Fee:  The rental fee is as follows: $50 minimum (due upfront), with a per acre charge of $10.  For example, if a person uses the drill on 4 acres, the minimum of $50 is due.  However, if a person uses it on 8 acres, the total due is $80. 

Out-of-county Rental Fee: If the drill is to be used out-of-county, the rental fee is $100 minimum (due up front) with a per acre charge of $12.

Why No-Till? Ten Benefits of No-Till Systems
There are many benefits to using the no-till drill including:
    -reduced soil erosion
    -more efficient use of seed
    - lower fuel cost
    -lower labor needs per acre
    -higher water infiltration
    -lower moisture evaporation
    -organic matter conservation and improvement
       -improved soil structure
    -higher biological activity
    -reduced phosphorus losses

earthworms & OM  wildlife  cattle - straight

What you need to know before renting:

*30 horsepower minimum needed to pull the drill
*Rear hydraulic hook-up is needed on the tractor
*The drill is small enough to access the smaller areas but can still handle the big jobs
*The drill can be used to seed the following: cool and warm season grasses, legumes, small grains, wildflowers, soybeans and more.

wildflowers   small grain - straight

Please call us at (919) 545-8353 for more information and to rent the drill.