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Over the Edge

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Sheriff Over the Edge

What is a Over the Edge?

Over the Edge is a unique fundraising opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to support Special Olympics NC by rappelling 30 stories down the Wells Fargo Capitol Center in Raleigh.

How do I participate?

In order to participate you must raise at least $1,000 by the event date. Special Olympics NC will help make that easy and fun by providing you with a personal online fundraising web page to collect donations from family and friends for the event. If the $1,000 entry fee is not met, the funds are considered a direct donation to Special Olympics with no refunds being provided.

In order to go Over the Edge, you must be at least 14 years old and weigh between 100 and 300 lbs. Register online here.



Sheriff Mike Roberson and wife Annette Roberson went Over the Edge for Special Olympics NC!

What does going Over the Edge have to do with Special Olympics?

If you are a person with intellectual disabilities, you encounter adversities daily. You must have courage to try something that doesn’t come easily to you. Special Olympics NC athletes bravely face challenges on the field, in the pool and on the court. They are the inspiration for this event. Take your support for Special Olympics North Carolina to new heights and face your fears!


What if I don't like heights or can't physically participate? Can I still contribute?

If you cannot physically participate or if you haven't quite built up the courage to go over the edge, you can still contribute to the cause and show your support by donating through our fundraising page. The process is safe and secure and only takes a few minutes to complete. All proceeds go to support Special Olympics NC.

Sheriff's Office Captains Steve Maynor & Chris Cooper stand alongside Sheriff Mike Roberson and his friend Shannon Stubbs. Sheriff Roberson gave his medal of participation to Shannon-- who inspired him to go Over the Edge!