Sheriff Zachariah Harmon

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6th Sheriff of Chatham County

Chatham County Sheriff

Served: May 1785- Aug 1796

Appointed/Elected: Appointed by the Governor

Age taking office: 43

Population: 9,221 Chatham residences in 1790

Birth date: August 16, 1741

Birth place: Virginia

Died: July 10, 1808

Buried: Chatham County, NC 




Wife: Rebekah Petty, b. 1745, married January 28, 1763 in Orange County

Children: Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Hezekiah, Frances, John, Merriman, Zachariah, and Rebecca


Tenure Notables


Town of Pittsborough (later Pittsboro) is founded in 1787.

Joseph Harman and David Sellars qualified as deputy Sheriffs.


Military Experience



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