Sheriff John Harmon

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13th and 16th Sheriff of Chatham County

Chatham County Sheriff

Served: Aug 1837-Aug 1840/Aug 1844-Aug 1850

Appointed/Elected: Elected

Age taking office: 39

Population: 16,242 in 1840

Birth date: December 28, 1798

Birth place: Chatham County, NC 

Died: June 15, 1873 in Chatham County, NC 

Buried: Unknown


Mother: Kizziah (Keziah) Petty Dilliard, b. December 19, 1762, m. 1784, d. October 9, 1820 in Chatham County

Father: Hezekiah Harmon, b. November 17, 1763 in Chatham County, d. March 29, 1832 at Bear Creek, Chatham County

1st Wife: Catherine Lassiter, b. March 10, 1801, married July 27, 1823

Children: Esperan Catharine Harmon

2nd Wife: Mary E. Marks, b. about 1814

Children: John Harmon


Tenure Notables


The new State Capitol is completed in 1840. 

John Harmon is the grandson of Sheriff Zachariah Harmon


Military Experience


Other Offices


John Harman was a deputy sheriff in 1829 for Sheriff Bridges.