Sheriff John Atlas Farrell, Jr.

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33rd Sheriff of Chatham County

33rd Sheriff of Chatham County

Served: Feb 1972-Dec 1978

Appointed/Elected: Appointed and Elected

Age taking office: 50

Population: 29, 554 in 1970

Birth date: May 2, 1921

Birth place: Moncure, North Carolina

Died: October 8, 1994

Buried: Hanks Chapel United Church of Christ cemetery located in the Center Township on SR1945, Hanks Loop Road and west of SR1943, Hanks Chapel Road in Chatham County, NC.


Mother: Sadie Yarborough

Father: John Atlas Farrell, Sr.

Wife: (withheld-Living)

Children: (withheld- Living)


Tenure Notables


Patrol cars were not provided by the county until 1972 during Sheriff Farrell's tenture.

During a manhunt and capture of the killer of a Lee County deputy sheriff, J. A. Farrell, armed with two pistols, and Russell Poole, armed with a .12-gauge turkey gun, crawled through thick underbrush in a firefight that wounded the killer.


Military Experience


Other Offices


Sheriff Farrell  was a Master Mason for 49 years.  He served as Past Master of Columbus Lodge 102 in Pittsboro. 

Sheriff Farrell had a Lifetime Membership with the Kiwanias.

Sheriff Farrell also served as Chief of Police in Pittsboro.