Sheriff Isaac L. Gray

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36th Sheriff of Chatham County

36th Sheriff of Chatham County

Served: Nov 2000-Dec 2002

Appointed/Elected: Appointed

Age taking office: 50

Population: 49, 329 in 2000

Birth date: (Withheld-Living)

Birth place: Chatham County, NC 

Died: (Living)

Buried: (Living)


Mother: (Withheld)

Father: (Withheld)

Wife: (Withheld-Living)

Children: (Withheld-Living)


Tenure Notables


Sheriff Gray was appointed Sheriff by the County Commissioners after the retirement of Sheriff Whitt.

Sheriff Gray served as Chief Deputy for Sheriff Whitt.

Sheriff Gray was a strong supporter of CARE and DARE programs in our local schools.

Sheriff Gray was in office during the 9/11 Attack of the World Trade Center in New York.


Military Experience


Other Offices


Master Mason