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Sheriff Elisha Cain

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1st Sheriff of Chatham County


Chatham County Sheriff

Served: April 1771 - May 1776

Appointed/Elected: Appointed to Sheriff by the Governor

Age taking office: ~32

Population: Unknown

Birth date: In 1739

Birth place: Bertie County, NC

Died: about 1805

Buried: Chatham County, NC



Mother: Sarah Braswell
Father: William Cain
Wife: Martha Blake, b. 1759, of Bertie County
Children: Absalom, Christian, Dempsey, Hardy, Rebekah, James, William, Sarah, and Cinthy.


Tenure Notables


Sheriff Cain had major impacts in the establishing and organizing Chatham County government from 1771 until about 1800


Military Experience


In 1772 was promoted to Captain in the Chatham County Militia of the Revolutionary Army


Other Offices


Represented Chatham County in the House of Commons in 1784

As well as holding the office of Sheriff, Elisha Cain was a Justice of the Court.