Sheriff Calvin Albert Simmons

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32nd Sheriff of Chatham County


32nd Sheriff of Chatham County

Served: July 1967-Feb 1972

Appointed/Elected: Appointed/Elected

Age taking office: 49

Population: 29, 554 in 1970

Birth date: October 10, 1918

Birth place: Dobson, North Carolina

Died: February 2, 1972

Buried: Glendon Independent Christian Church, Moore County, North Carolina



Mother: Fannie Mae Eads

Father: Roy G. Simmons

Wife: (withheld-living)

Children: (withheld-living)


Tenure Notables



In 1951, the commissioners authorized a fourth deputy, C.A. Simmons. C. A. Simmons served as a deputy until 1956.

There were also stories of compassion, such as when a refrigerator had been seized in the execution of a tax lien by Deputy C. A. Simmons. It was the only thing of value in the house of an elderly couple. At Christmas, C. A. Simmons bought a new refrigerator with his own money and had it delivered as a gift to the couple.


Military Experience


Sheriff Simmons was in the Seabees, US Navy, in World War II.


Other Offices


Sheriff Simmons was a deputy sheriff in the 1950's.

Sheriff Simmons served as a driver's license examiner.

Sheriff Simmons was also a contractor in grading and construction.