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Sheriff Bartholomew Lightfoot

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10th Sheriff of Chatham County

Chatham County Sheriff

Served: Aug 1809- Aug 1812

Appointed/Elected: Appointed

Age taking office: ~45

Population: 12,977 in 1810

Birth date: 1764

Birth place: Chatham County, NC 

Died: December 14, 1815

Buried: Chatham County, NC 

Family Mother:


Wife: Mary “Polly” Harmon, b. 1766, married 1797. (Daughter of Sheriff Zachariah Harmon)

Children: Bartholomew, Carolina, Louisa, Oliver, Sally, Henry, William, James, and John.


Tenure Notables


The War of 1812 with Great Britain began June 18, 1812.


Military Experience


Other Offices


Bartholomew Lightfoot was representatives of Chatham in the House of Commons in 1813.