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Project Name: Main Street Rentals Variances

A request by Main Street Rentals LLC has been filed with the Town of Goldston for multiple variances from the Town of Goldston Mobile Home Park Ordinance on property identified as Parcels 9097 and 9040 (30, 32, 58, and 70 Town and Country Road). The variance requests are from Section 6.2B(1) to reduce the required setbacks, Section 6.3C to allow a reduction of right-of-way width, Section 7.1G waive the street light requirements, Section 5.4A to waive the topographic map requirement, Section 5.4B to waive the drainage plan requirement, Section 5.4C to waive the utility plan requirement, Section 6.2 to waive the requirement to create separate lots for each mobile home, Section 6.2(4) waive the screening requirement, Section 7.1A waive the requirement to install iron pipes at property corners for mobile home lots, and request waiving the requirement to widen the road on property not under the applicant’s ownership between the proposed mobile home park and Coral Avenue.

Agenda Attachment(s):  Variances 

Supplementary Documents: 

Town Meeting Date(s): September 10, 2018

Staff Report: 

Action:  Approved Variance Approval