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Off-Premise Sign Ordinance Requirements for Temporary Signs in the County

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Important Sign Definitions in the Off-Premise Sign Ordinance:

Sign Any display of letter, words, numbers, figures, devices, emblems, pictures, logos, or any other means whereby the same are made visible for the purpose of making anything known, whether such display be made on, or attached to or as a part of a structure, surface, or any other object where natural or man made. The term sign shall include sign structure.

Temporary sign – A sign with or without a structural frame, not permanently attached to a building, structure, or the ground and intended for a limited period of display provided, however, a temporary sign does not include a portable or moveable sign as herein defined.

The following temporary signs are allowed provided a sign is not larger than 32 square feet, higher than eight (8) feet, and is removed within 10 days of the end of the event project.

(1) Sign advertising the name, time and place of any bona fide fair, carnival, festival, bazaar, horse show or similar event, when conducted by a public agency or for the benefit of any civic, fraternal religious or charitable cause.

(2) Signs advertising a specific event provided they do not stand more than 30 days.

The Temporary Sign Application is a free application that is available in PDF format, and can be submitted via Email. To submit the Application, please click the link below, complete the application, and save it on your computer. Once the completed application is saved, please email the application to the following address:  

If you have any questions, please call the Planning Department at (919) 542-8204. Paper copies of the application are also available at the Planning Department office.