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Communication Tower Text Amendment

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Project Name: Communication Tower Text Amendment

A legislative public hearing request by the Chatham County Board of Commissioners to consider amendments to Sections 1-4, Definitions and Terms; 2-4 (4), Setbacks; and 2-4 (6), Height, of the Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Ordinance to provide a telecommunication tower height waiver for public safety service providers.

Agenda Attachment(s): Comm Tower Ordinance Attachment Revision

Supplementary Documents: Comm Tower Ordinance Attachment Revision (2-18-2019) Comm Tower Ordinance Attachment Revision (3-6-2019), and Comm Tower Ordinance Attachment (4-9-2019)

Public Hearing Date: February 18, 2019

Planning Board:

Meeting Date(s): March 5, 2019

Staff Report: Report

Recommendation: Approved

Board of Commissioners: 

Meeting Date(s): February 18,2019, April 15, 2019

Agenda Abstract: Abstract Abstract

Action:  Approved Signed Ordinance Amendment