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2019 Items

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Use Permits


Text Amendments




American Self Storage
C.U.P. Revision

 Fearrington P.U.D. Section X
 Area D Revision 

Comm Tower
Text Amendment 

 Brooks Rezoning 

 Ryan's Crossing
Construction Plan

Subdivision Guidelines

 Gress Rezoning 

 Briar Chapel Phase 12
Preliminary Plat
 Places of Assembly
Text Amendment
 FMR Investments, LLC  Briar Chapel Phase 13 Sec. 3
Preliminary Plat
 Watershed Protection
Ordinance Text Amendment
 Triangle Cricket League The Legacy of Jordan Lake
Phases 4A3, 6A1, and 6A2
Preliminary Plat
 Sanderford Rezoning

Fearrington P.U.D. Section X
Area D Phase 1
Preliminary Plat Revision

 Chatham ABC  Morgan Ridge
Construction Plat

 Keston Care
CUP Revision

 Sunset Grove
Phase 2 Revised
 Sanders Automotive
Westfall Phase 5A & 6A
Final Plat 
 Business Rezoning
14 Properties
Briar Chapel Phase 16N
Final Plat 
 Snyder C.U.P. Revision  Fern Creek First Plat    
Clemons CUP Revision   Folkner Branch First Plat    
 US-64 Boat Storage
 US Steel Section 2
Final Plat
 For Gardens Sake CUP
 Bonterra Construction Plan    
 Pitt Hill X Rezoning  Fearrington P.U.D. Section X
Area D Phase 1
Final Plat
 Paul Brewer Conditional
District Rezoning
Fearrington P.U.D. Section X
Area D Phase 2 & 3
Preliminary Plat 
 Paul Brewer
General Use Rezoning
 Briar Chapel- Waiver Request    
County Line Rezoning
 Hobby Farm First Plat    
   Morgan Ridge Conservation
Subdivision Phase 2 First Plat
   Briar Chapel Phase 14
Preliminary Plat
   Legacy Phase 4A3 Final Plat    
   Legacy Phase 6A2 Final Plat    
   Fern Creek Construction
and Final Plat
   Stonecrest at Norwood
Phase 2 Final Plat

 Briar Chapel Phase 12A
Final Plat

   Legacy Phase 3
Preliminary Plat
   Sunset Grove Phase 2
Final Plat