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Zoning Ordinance Revisions

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Project Name: A Legislative Public Hearing request by the Chatham County Board of Commissioners to adopt revisions to the Chatham County Zoning Ordinance to reflect recent legislative changes and recommendations by Planning Staff. These revisions include: Sec. 3 and Sec 7.2, regarding the definition of “Agritourism”, “Farm”, and “Farming Activity”; Sec. 7.2, regarding definition changes to “Accessory Building”, “Land Use Plan”, “Bed and Breakfast Inn”, and “Zoning Enforcement Official”. Sec. 10.12 (D) and Sec. 17.5 (C) (50) (e) regarding limits on local riparian buffer regulations; Sec. 19.4 (A), allowing Commissioners to initiate text amendment or general use rezonings by motion. Sec. 19.4 C (2), which adds “…or adequate description to define the area to be rezoned” to the zoning criteria; Sec. 19.9, regarding the requirements for Comprehensive Plan Consistency Statement; Sec. 19.11, regarding definition changes to “Conditional Use District”. 

 Agenda Attachment(s): Redline Zoning Ordinance, Table Attachment #1 and Table Attachment #2, Table 2 Planning Changes

Supplementary Documents: Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

Public Hearing Date: February 19, 2018

Planning Board:

Meeting Date(s): 3/6/18

Staff Report: Report

Recommendation: Approved

Board of Commissioners: 

Meeting Date(s): April 16, 2018

Agenda Abstract: Abstract

Action: Approved   Ordinance Amendment Approval and Consistency Statement