Moncure Holdings, LLC Rezoning

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Project Name:  Moncure Holdings, LLC Rezoning


A Legislative Public Hearing request by Moncure Holdings, LLC to rezone Parcels 65277, 66669, 5369 and 5623 and portions of Parcels 5620 and 65276 from R-1 Residential and Conditional Use Heavy Industrial to IH Heavy Industrial General Use being a total of 686.45 acres, located off the Moncure Flatwoods Road and Christian Chapel Church Road, Cape Fear Township.

 Agenda Attachment(s): Application, Plats and Site Area and Supporting Documents

Supplementary Documents: Zoning Map and IH Rezoning Aerials

Public Hearing Date: April 16, 2018

Planning Board: 

Meeting Date(s): May 1, 2018

Staff Report: Report

Recommendation: Approved

Board of Commissioners: 

Meeting Date(s): April 16, 2018, June 18, 2018

Agenda Abstract: Abstract, Abstract

Action: Approved Resolution, Approved Letter, and Approved Consistency Letter.