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Compact Communities Ordinance Text Amendment

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Project Name:

A request from Newland Communities dba Briar Chapel to amend the Compact Communities Ordinance, Section 6.2, Maximum Size, to increase the density cap from 2,500 to 2,650 units..

Agenda Attachment(s): Application

Supplementary Documents: Applicant Presentation, Citizen Supplied Comments (1,2,3,4), Draft Commissioner Minutes, 2/23/03 Joint LUPIC and BOC Meeting (1,2,3), March 29, 2004 Letter, 4/6/04 Planning Board Meeting (1,2), 4/19/04 BOC Meeting (1,2), Land Conservation and Development Plan - Compact Communities Section, Minority Report, Planning Board Majority Report

Public Hearing Date: 5/15/17

Planning Board:

Meeting Date(s): 7/11/17, 8/1/17

Staff Report: Report, Report 2


Board of Commissioners:

Meeting Date(s): 9/18/17

Agenda Abstract: ReportAbstract, Resolution and Consistency Statement (9/18/17)

Action: Approved