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Briar Chapel Conditional Use Permit Revision

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Project Name:

A request by NNP Briar Chapel for a revision to the Conditional Use Permit to (1) revise the civic site at the intersection of Andrews Store Rd and Parker Herndon Rd (possible Chatham County elementary school site) on master plan to allow for full development of the site (rather than just 2 acres as shown), (2) create the possibility of having up to 2,650 residential units (currently approved for 2,500), (3) revise the master plan map to reduce the perimeter buffer (a) from 100’ to 50’ along the frontage with Chapel in the Pines church (at the church’s request); (b) from 100’ to 50’ along the short boundary with Duke Energy RoW at SD-N; and (c) from 100’ to 75’ along Phase 15-S boundary to eliminate the need to build a retaining wall within the perimeter buffer, and (4) revise the color key table on the master plan map to reflect adjustments to residential densities in particular locations.

Agenda Attachment(s): Application

Supplementary Documents: Public Hearing Information: Revised Site Plan, 404 Permit Modification Map, Applicant Supplied Documents (Presentation1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), Citizen Supplied Documents (1,2), Fire Truck Footage; SD-North Buffer Exhibit, Dollar Property Information (1,2), Affordable Housing Payment-in-lieu Proposal (Revised Affordable Housing Payment-in-lieu Proposal 9/8/17), May 15, 2017 Draft Commissioner Minutes, Updated Impervious Surface Calculations, Parking Policy Phasing and Timeline; Minority Report, Planning Board Majority Report

Public Hearing Date: 5/15/17

Planning Board:

Meeting Date(s): 7/11/17, 8/1/17

Staff Report: Report Report 1  Report Addendum, Report 2


Board of Commissioners:

Meeting Date(s): 9/18/17

Agenda Abstract: Abstract (5/15/17), Report (9/18/17), (Resolution and Consistency Statement (9/18/17), Approval Letter and Resolution CUP (9/18/17)

Action: Approved