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Development of the Plan

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How was the Comprehensive Plan Developed for Chatham County?

The Comprehensive Planning Effort was led by a Steering Committee appointed in the Fall of 2015 with input from topic specific focus groups as well as technical staff. It involved coordination with County Departments, other governmental agencies, the private sector, citizen groups, and the general public. The Steering Committee was responsible for reviewing relevant information, evaluating policy recommendations, giving input on specific action steps and their prioritization, as well as generally ensuring that the final plan reflects the desires of the entire Chatham Community. Though the Committee influenced the plan as it took shape, the County as a whole had the opportunity to participate and give feedback every step of the way. To view meeting materials, power points, minutes and more visit the Public FTP site.

Phase One
(January 2016 to April 2016)

Analysis of Existing Policy Documents, Data Collection, Stakeholder Meetings, Steering Committee Meetings, and Development of Public Engagement Plan.

Phase 1 Power Point Presented to the Board of Commissioners 4/18/16

Phase 1 Report Approved at the April 4/18/16 Meeting by Chatham County Board of Commissioners

Phase Two
Plan Chatham Kick Off (June 2016 to Spring 2017)

Continued Data Collection, Analysis, Steering Committee Meetings, Public Engagement, and Feedback on Framework of the Plan.

  • Plan Chatham interactive feedback website: A variety of questions, activities, and polls were posted to the website over the course of the development of the plan for citizens to provide their ideas and feedback. Comments received will be in the digital appendix of the plan document.
  • Meeting in a Box: Materials were made available for any kind of community groups to hold their own meeting and provide input into the plan.
  • Public Input Meetings Round 1: Held across the county June 21st, 22nd, & 23rd 2016, set up like drop in workshops for citizens to give input on the vision for Chatham County.
    Information on display boards can be found here.
  • Surveys: Public Input Survey: Summer 2016, Agriculture & Forestry Survey: Fall 2016, and Public Input Survey Spring 2017. Results will be in digital appendix.
  • Goals:The Steering Committee set goals November 2016 (not in any order of priority)
  • Focus Groups: the Agriculture Focus group & Chatham Health Alliance each met twice
  • Ongoing Local Outreach: Pittsboro First Sunday, Ruritan Clubs, Chatham County Fair, Chatham County Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase, Pepperfest, High School Classes, and more!
  • Public Input Meetings Round 2: Held across the County February 21st, 22nd, 23rd set up like drop in workshops for citizens to give input on recommendations for Chatham County.
    Information on display boards can be found here
  • Staff gave presentations to various County Advisory Boards, Commissions, Committees, and groups in the County during March & April of 2017 to gather feedback for further analysis and refinement of the draft plan.
  • The Steering Committee reviewed the draft at their Final Meeting in June 2017
  • The Big Woods Conservation Design Guide was completed; funded by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission Partners for Green Growth Grant to serve as a conceptual guidance document for future conservation developments.

Process leading up to Adoption
(Summer 2017 to Fall 2017)

  • The final draft of the plan was released Summer 2017 for Public Comment online
  • The Board of Commissioners held a Public Hearing August 21st 2017 for the consideration of adoption and received comment
  • Planning Board met September 5th 2017, October 3rd 2017, and October 17th 2017 to review the final draft of the document and provided their recommendations with consideration to comments from the public
  • Final Adoption by the Chatham County Board of Commissioners November 20th 2017 with recommended changes from the Planning Board.

Thank You to everyone who participated!

For more information please contact the Planning Department Staff