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Comprehensive Plan

The Chatham County Comprehensive Plan was adopted November 20th 2017 after careful analysis, extensive public input, many meetings, and thorough vetting over the course of two years. To learn more about how the plan was developed click here.

The Chatham County Comprehensive Plan is a long range document establishing policy that sets forth goals and feasible implementation steps for the next 25 years. The document is split into 5 Chapters and has an extensive digital appendices.

  The first chapter describes the development of the plan.
The second chapter explains Chatham’s need for a Comprehensive Plan. 
The third Chapter is the framework of the plan outlining the vision, goals and future land use.
The fourth chapter details policy recommendations and strategies for the 10 elements of the plan. 
The fifth chapter identifies short and medium term actions that work to accomplish goals. 

Comprehensive Plan Logo


Download the Chatham County Comprehensive Plan click here

Digital Appendix

Future Land Use and Conservation Map (Page 45)

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Concept Plan Map Located on page (118 & 119)


The following links are not adopted, but included as reference information:

Land Use Suitability Analysis
Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Conservation Suitability
Agricultural Suitability
Land Use Preference Activity Results
Health Priority Areas Input Maps 

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