Children's Book Clubs

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We invite school-aged children to join us for book club at the Chatham Community Library. CCL offers a book club for children in grades K-5. The club meets once a month, on the second Thursday, at 4:00 pm, to discuss a selected book, and complete an activity or game related to the title.

Book clubs provide an enjoyable and easy way to develop literacy skills. By reading the title selected for their age group, children develop fluency – the ability to read smoothly and with expression. The selected titles will expose children to new vocabulary, ideas, and concepts. Discussion will prompt children to develop a deeper understanding of books, as well as consider others’ perspectives on the same title.

Book clubs also help children develop important language and social skills. Discussions and activities promote taking turns, using language to analyze situations, make predictions, and solve problems.

For book club dates and times, please refer to our Calendar of Events.

For more information on children’s book clubs, please contact Youth Services at (919) 545-8085.


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