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Lodging Establishments (Including BB Homes and Inns)

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Lodging establishments include all hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfast homes, bed and breakfast inns and other places providing lodging accommodations for pay. Inspections are performed once per year for Bed and Breakfast Homes and twice per year for hotels/motels and Bed and Breakfast Inns. Each facility with a grade posted of either A, B or C.

Inspections are performed to ensure the proper sanitation of the establishment inspected. During an inspection, the Environmental Health Specialist will check for a number of items. These include, but are not limited to, room condition and cleanliness, proper lighting and hot water temperatures, cleanliness of ice buckets, pest presence, and proper waste disposal and furniture condition. In addition, for those establishments providing a continental breakfast, we ensure that the proper food safety guidelines are being followed and that establishments that are preparing food have a food service permit.

NEW Bed and Breakfast Rules to combine with new Lodging Rules

The NC Department of Health and Human Services Food Protection Branch issued the New Rules Governing the Sanitation of Lodging Establishments.  These rules were effective as of October 1, 2017.  The Rules Governing the Sanitation of Bed and Breakfast Homes, the Rules Governing the Sanitation of Bed and Breakfast Inns, and the Rules Governing the Sanitation of Lodging Establishments have been repealed and are now included in the new Rules Governing the Sanitation of Lodging Establishments.  In other words, three sets of rules have been combined in to one set.  The Inspection of Lodging Establishment form will be used for all lodging inspections, including bed and breakfast homes and bed and breakfast inns. 

Current lodging establishment inspection reports can be found:

Chatham County Sanitation Scores


Lodging Application (Includes BB Homes and Inns)

New Lodging Rules

New Lodging Rules Changes Fact Sheet Continental Breakfast Guidance
Lodging Cleaning Guidance-English

Lodging Cleaning Guidance- Spanish

 Lodging Housekeeping Cart Guidance-English  Lodging Housekeeping Cart Guidance-Spanish