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include hospitals, nursing homes, adult care homes, residential care facilities, adult daycares, and local confinements. Other agencies permit these facilities, but Environmental Health Specialists conduct routine sanitation inspections of institutions. Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Adult Care Homes are inspected by an EHS once each 6 months. The scoring systems for these institutions are based on a letter and number grading system. Establishments that receive 90 to 100 are awarded an A, 80 to 89.5 are awarded a B and 70 to 79.5 are awarded a C. Any facility receiving less than a number grade of 70 is reported to the licensing agency within 24 hours.

 COVID 19 Long Term Care Facility Guidance


  LTC - Cleaning and Disinfecting During COVID19

 CDC Strategies to Optimize Use of PPE
   CDC Guidance for Donning/Doffing PPE  FAQ for COVID 19

Local Confinements are any county or municipal confinement facility, local lockup, regional or district confinement facility, any detention facility for children or adults, any county or municipal workhouse or house of correction, and any other confinement facility operated by any local government for confinement of person awaiting trial or sentences. These facilities are inspected once per year. The grading system is on a demerit system. A facility is approved if it receives a demerit score of 20 or less and no 6 demerit item is deducted. It is provisional if it receives 21 to 40 demerits or has a 6 demerit deduction and a facility may only remain on a provisional status for no more than 7 days. A disapproved is issued if the demerit score is greater than 40, the conditions found are dangerous to the health of the persons confined, or if the conditions resulting in the provisional classification have not been corrected within the specified time period.

Current inspection reports can be found:

Chatham County Sanitation Scores

Opening a New Institutional Facility

Institution(Hospital,Nursing Home,Adult Care Homes)


Rules Governing the Sanitation of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Adult Care Homes and Other Institutions

Application for Adult Day Care


Rules Governing the Sanitation of Adult Day Facilities

Residential Care Application

Rules Governing the Sanitation of Residential Care Facilities

Local Confinement Application

Rules Governing the Sanitation of Local Confinement Facilities


        Institutional Facility Educational Handouts/Fact Sheets

Norovirus : Stop the Spread Fact Sheet

Stop Sign Poster

Norovirus Prevention Checklist

Norovirus Control NCDHHS EPI Memo Oct 2017

Linen Handing Fact Sheet

Back up water Supply Checklist

Food Safety Requirements for Food Related Enhancements


Medical Waste Disposal Poster

Sharps Disposal Poster