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Asthma Intervention Program

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Chatham County Asthma Intervention Program


Home Asthma Trigger Assessment for Children

If you live in Chatham County and struggle to control your child’s asthma, ask your doctor or school nurse for a referral for a

FREE Asthma Trigger Assessment. For more information click here para información en Español, presione aquí

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Addressing asthma triggers in the home has proven to significantly reduce emergency room visits and improve asthma symptoms. During the assessment, the team will: Asses your child's current plan and medication, conduct an environmental assessment  of the home and share findings, provide resources such as green cleaning kits, dust covers for your child's bed, humidifier, etc.

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Asthma Resources

Asthma Trigger Assessment-Chatham County, NC

NC Resources to Assist People with Asthma

Second Hand Smoke-Bilingual brochure

Managing Triggers in your home
 Help your child gain control over asthma  Landlord Tenant Information
 Health Cost and Benefits to of Reducing Asthma Triggers  No Asthma Attacks







Recursos de Asma en Español

Volante del Programa de Asma en el Condado de Chatham

Ayude a su niño a controlar el Asma

¿Qué es el Asma?

Ataque de Asma, mas informacion 







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