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Stay Informed

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Staying informed requires a combination of monitoring trusted local news sources for current or threatened conditions, having a reliable means to receive emergency alerts and notifications, and sharing information with family, friends, and neighbors.


Warning the public of a potentially life-threatening emergency in Chatham County relies on a combination of pre-planning, message coordination, fixed warning systems, and first responders in neighborhoods.  There is no single solution for issuing a warning to the public.  Emergency Management works closely with Incident Commanders as well as state and local officials to select appropriate alerting and notification strategies based on incident-specific guidelines, affected locations, timing, target audience, current conditions, and availability of field resources.


A combination of the following may be used by Chatham County to alert the public of an emergency:

  • Door-to-Door - First responders alerting residents in homes and businesses
  • Route Alerting - First responder vehicles equipped with public address loudspeakers and sirens driving through neighborhoods and communities
  • Mass Notification - CodeRED® system used to issue alerts to registered devices via telephone, SMS text, e-mail, and TDD.  Must register with the system to add phone numbers and devices as well as to receive weather alerts
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) - Emergency messages sent to compatible mobile devices
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) - Broadcasts alert messages via AM, FM, broadcast television, cable television, and satellite television
  • NOAA Weather Radios - Broadcasts official National Weather Service warnings, watches, and forecasts.  May also be used by local officials to warn of an imminent threat
  • Harris Nuclear Plant Warning Sirens - Outdoor warning sirens in the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone around the Harris Nuclear Plant that produce a steady tone to alert the public of a potential emergency


Chatham County uses the CodeRED® platform for alerting the public directly via telephone, e-mail, SMS text, TDD, and through the CodeRED® app on their mobile devices.  YOU MUST REGISTER TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS.  Visit the ALERTChatham page for more information.

Online Sources of Official Disaster & Recovery Information

Chatham County and its departments provide disaster response and recovery information online through several methods: 

Web: - Link to disaster information will appear on a banner at the top of the Web page
Email: E-Notifier
Twitter: @ChathamCountyNC, @Chatham911
Facebook: @CCSONC, @Chatham911

Television, Radio, and Print News

We recommend you monitor LOCAL television and radio for event details and instructions.  National news broadcasters and satellite/online radio services may not have the most up-to-date or location-specific information.