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Build a Kit

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We recommend you assemble an Emergency Kit for you, your family, and your pets.  Your Emergency Kit is a container, or collection of containers, with items your family and pets may need in or after an emergency.  Most of the items can already be found in your house.  A kit has them all in the same place, or at least stored near each other when needed.

You may be on your own for hours or even days after a disaster.  Emergency workers can't always reach everyone quickly.  Basic services like water, gas, power, sewage treatment and phones may be not work for many days or more.  Being ready for emergencies helps you and your family to survive.  It also allows police, fire fighters and emergency medical workers to focus on those who need help the most.

You should plan to be self-sufficient for three days or more ... remember The First 72 Are On You!

Emergency Kit Resources


The State of North Carolina's ReadyNC website's Get a Kit page provides guidance broken down into four categories:

  • Basic Supplies
  • Unique Needs
  • First Aid
  • Pets

FEMA also has Emergency Kit information on their Ready.Gov website.

Have questions about assembling your Emergency Kit?

Contact Chatham County Emergency Management at 919-545-8191.