EOC Expansion

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Project Lead

Brian Stevens, Chatham County Facilities & Construction Director

Department Points-of-Contact

Steve Newton, Emergency Management
Mike Reitz, 9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Current Activity

7/3/2019  RFQ for Design Services and Land Planning Posted [here]


The proposed Emergency Operations Center will consist of the following:

  • Chatham County 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Center
  • Chatham County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Chatham County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications & Emergency Management administrative offices and training space

 The 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Center is a 24-hour operation and receives 911 emergency calls for all of Chatham County.  The EOC is activated for disasters, major incidents, and significant events to provide coordination of priorities, objectives, and resources.  Due to the critical nature of both operations housed in the building, the building systems must be very reliable with redundant back-up services to fully maintain critical functions, however long an event may last.

Images & Videos

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  • May 2018, Board of Commissioners authorized EOC Expansion Feasibility Study
  • March 2019, Schradergroup selected to conduct study
  • May, 2019, EOC Expansion Feasibility Study completed.  Study available [here]