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Emergency Plans

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Chatham County Emergency Management is responsible for developing and maintaining key emergency response plans for the County that address roles and responsibilities for government and partner agencies located within Chatham County.  These plans include the:


Emergency Management Planning Principles

All Hazards Approach

While the causes of emergencies can vary greatly, many of the effects do not. We will identify and address common operational functions instead of having unique plans for every type of hazard or threat.  For example, floods, wildfires, and chemical releases may lead a jurisdiction to issue an evacuation order and open shelters.  Even though each hazard’s characteristics (e.g., speed of onset, size of the affected area) are different, the general tasks for conducting an evacuation and shelter operations are the same. Planning for all threats and hazards ensures that, when addressing emergency functions, planners identify common tasks and those responsible for accomplishing the tasks. 

Engage the Whole Community

Emergency Preparedness and Planning in Chatham County is a shared responsibility; it calls for the involvement of everyone - not just the government - in planning efforts.  By following a Whole Community approach to preparedness and working together, everyone can help keep the County and the nation safe from harm and help keep it resilient when struck by hazards, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and pandemics.

The Whole Community includes:

  • Individuals and families, including those with access and functional needs
  • Businesses
  • Faith-based and community organizations
  • Schools and academia
  • Media outlets
  • All levels of government, including municipal, county, state, and federal partners.

The Planning Process is as important as the Plan

Identifying and collaborating with partners, stakeholders, and vulnerable populations is as important as the written emergency plan.  This is true within an individual organization, across the county, or across the state.  By building strong relationships we are able to more effectively respond and recovery from disasters.

Public Access to Emergency Operations Plans and Records

Some plans, elements of plans, or other records are for official use only and are not made available to the public.  If you can't find what you're looking for on this website, you may submit a Public Records Request.

Have questions about the Emergency Plans?

Contact Chatham County Emergency Management at 919-545-8180.